3-year partnership OTYS and Solid Online unburdens customers by integrating OTYS with other software systems

OTYS | Solid Online

3 years ago OTYS Recruiting Technology and Solid Online entered into their successful partnership. In 3 years, the two companies have built a warm relationship in which many links have been realized and thus many customers have been helped.

Solid Online | Pieter Hoekstra

Pieter Hoekstra

Solid Online

"OTYS is a partner of the first hour. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and look forward to the next steps within our partnership."

Bert transparent

Bert King

OTYS Recruiting Technology

"It's nice to see our people together like this. We're looking ahead to even more integrated collaboration as we look to further standardize our interfaces."

What does this partnership mean for OTYS customers ?

OTYS provides recruitment software for different target groups such as recruitment & selection agencies, secondment, staffing agencies, job boards and corporate recruiters for whom finding and acquiring real talent is the main goal. The customers of OTYS usually work with multiple systems in addition to OTYS, for example financial or payroll software. The systems usually do not connect with each other. Then data from one system to the other has to be manually typed or transferred with Excel. This is time-consuming and error-prone. The Solid Online Connector connects and integrates systems making manual actions a thing of the past.

Business cases OTYS | Solid Online Connector

How it works

The Connector receives or retrieves the data from OTYS. Thanks to the mapping module, Solid Online facilitates customer requirements per data field. The translation is then made to the back office format. Any functional feedback and technical errors are presented again in OTYS and the customer receives by e-mail. In addition, the data from the back office can be sent back to OTYS, or exchanged with other systems such as planning software or a financial package.

The benefits

  • All systems seamlessly linked together
  • Fully automated process for businesses
  • Prevents errors
  • Changes or additional requirements on the links easily implemented
  • Maintenance on these links provided by Solid Online
  • Cost-saving

OTYS offers Web-based Recruitment Software for smart management and matching of vacancies and candidates. OTYS is Europe's largest provider of recruitment software that simplifies, accelerates and improves the recruitment and selection process. The modular structure and many implementation options make the Recruiting Technology platform interesting for different target groups such as recruitment and selection agencies, secondment, temporary employment agencies, job boards and corporate recruiters.

The technology is developed by, for and with all users. Thus, the system is continuously improved and optimized. It offers the solution for those for whom finding and recruiting real talent is the biggest goal. The recruitment system from OTYS helps you seize opportunities, everywhere! OTYS Go! is a web-based software, so you have insight into your processes from anywhere and can adjust them where necessary.

OTYS Go! is modular and offers support for the entire recruitment process. This includes talent search, candidate management, job posting, matching, sales and marketing support, KPI analyses and, last but not least, a more than complete CRM. OTYS Go! is built to take work off your hands. With the recruitment software OTYS you improve both your work processes and the candidate experience. Thanks to the many links with partners, you control the entire business from one system.

Other customers OTYS | Solid Online Connector

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