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With Payday from ABN AMRO flex workers can be be paid directly through their Wallet. API integration of Payday with back office systems can now be provided by Solid Online. This unique collaboration between partners ABN AMRO and Solid Online allows for an easy and fast connection to Payday.

There are over 4 million self-employed and temporary workers who often work through digital platforms work. However, the process of entering, approving, invoicing and paying hours can be time-consuming, causing delays in receiving wages for these flex workers. To address this problem, Payday offers a solution that can significantly increase interest in your digital platform.

Payday Enables digital platforms to pay flex workers pay out directly, resulting in motivated and satisfied employees, a greater number of active flex workers and an increase in jobs worked.

For self-employed and temporary workers who work through your platform, Payday provides more control over financial matters and payouts. They can manage invoices, payouts and other matters through a personal Wallet. This eliminates the need to chase invoices and allows them to control which invoices are paid immediately. In addition, they have 24/7 visibility into their earnings through an easy-to-use app.
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Self-employed and temporary workers also benefit from Payday by receiving full control have about their financial affairs, when they receive wages and which paychecks are paid. They receive income recording notifications in their Wallet, can control when a paycheck is paid, and have access to convenient gross/net calculations.

With Payday , you can increase the efficiency and satisfaction of flex workers, resulting in improved NPS scores, more assignments through your platform and an increase in work. Utilize Payday to increase interest in your digital platform and create a seamless payment experience offer to your users.

Partnership Payday and Solid Online

  • Onboarding Flexworker
  • Collect approved hours
  • Net settlement
API integration of Payday with your back office can be provided by Solid Online.

It is possible the onboarding of flex workers (1) and the Collection of approved hours (2) run through Solid Online. In some companies this is done in the back office, others for example have an ATS next to their back office system where onboarding takes place and hours worked are entered. These two functionalities to run Payday fully automatically are available for all of Solid Online's partner systems.

The offsetting the advances paid with your customer and the closing the period in your back office system (3) also runs through Solid Online. Currently, this functionality is available exclusively to Easyflex users, but connection to more Solid Online partner systems will be realized in the near future.
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Solid Online | Rose Schabracq

Rose Schabracq

Solid Online

"With the Connector , we are ensuring that Payday connects seamlessly with staffing agency software. Together we actually add value to the services for our clients. We are pleased with the trust and see many opportunities for the future."


Onno Siegers

Business Development Lead

"The partnership with Solid Online, a major player in the flex market, provides the opportunity to connect easily and faster with Payday ."

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