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Hours files quickly in order for payroll

In the flex industry, hour files are delivered in a variety of ways, such as from the client's system or with an Excel file. Often the various timesheets are then validated manually and entered manually into the back office system. Especially for large staffing agencies that have thousands of timesheets to process daily, manual processing is very time-consuming and error-prone.

Solid Online's Hours Transformer validates, enriches and converts hours files to the desired format. Complex files are converted to the standard of your back office. Typing hours and declarations or building expensive interfaces is no longer necessary with the Uren Transformer . From now on, quickly and automatically ready for payroll!

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Dynamic converter

The Dynamic converter automatically prepares complexly formatted excel hour sheets for import

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The Mapping ensures that hour files can now be read automatically

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The CLA rule set unravels hours in no time allowing the correct hour types to be assigned

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First time right

By processing the failures on the set validations in the Cockpit, time-consuming corrections in the back office are not necessary afterwards

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Quickly ready for payroll and billing

Automatic hours processing

The Hours Transformer receives and processes hours files customer-specifically in your back office.


Read your hours automatically from now on

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Integration Connector

The Connector seamlessly integrates the Hours Transformer into your environment with these topics:

  • Customers
  • Candidates
  • Draft placements
  • Contacts
  • Hours
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Set up customers

The Hours Transformer allows you to set up the following processes per hours file:

  • Hours import
  • Validations
  • CLA rules

How does it work?

The Hours Transformer processes all of your customers' hours in three steps

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File import via:

  • Email
  • sFTP
  • FTPs
  • API
  • Manual upload
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Handle exceptions in cockpit:

  • Placements
  • Rates
  • Cost centers
  • etc.
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To back office

Hours automatically sent to back office

  • Hours
  • HR-XML
  • To be billed
  • To be remunerated

Solid Online imports and exports json csv txt xls xlsm xlsx xml

Interfaces and data exchange

In addition to the Connector interfaces, Hours Transformer is familiar with these systems

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