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Solid Online has realized the link between and . Teamflex realized the link between OTYS and HelloFlex. Data of candidates, clients, contact persons and placements are automatically exchanged between both applications at the desired moment. The necessary information about the contract, candidate, client and contact person is transferred to HelloFlex so that the payroll can take place in the back-office software. 

HelloFlex Makes your Workforce Management processes more fun, easy and efficient
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OTYS the all-in-one Recruitment solution. OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software that is seamlessly designed to fit your recruitment process.

Working together on ambitions, that has been the motto of Teamflex personeelsdiensten for 13 years. Central to this is a continuous search for, and development of talent. Training and guidance play an important role in the development of both temporary and permanent employees. Through such means as our own driver training program, professional training partners, assessments and career interviews, Teamflex continuously expands its flexible and permanent teams with motivated and qualified employees.

Teamflex operates in various fields, including Transportation, Logistics, Land, Road and Hydraulic Engineering, Construction & Engineering and Office Staffing. They put the candidate at the center of the search for a suitable job and ensure that they end up in the right place. With additional training and/or courses, there are plenty of opportunities for candidates to develop further. As said; working on ambitions together! 


Michiel Kuiper

Senior Application Administrator at Teamflex

"Almost everything goes digital these days but communication between different software packages still seems very difficult sometimes. Solid Online offers the solution and helped us realize a link between OTYS and HelloFlex. Through this link candidate, customer and contact are automatically sent to Helloflex and even a contract in draft status is created. This saves us a lot of time, but most importantly, no more mistakes are made in the process. During the project we were guided by Richard Baas. His knowledge of the various applications and the staffing industry contributed to a successful implementation."

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