Solid Online and Easyflex introduce Placement Direct: advanced linking for placements

Placement Direct

For many staffing agencies, transferring candidate placement data to the back office system is a time-consuming process. Emails are sent, phone calls are made and sometimes valuable time can be lost if the office is busy. In addition, numerous details must be entered, such as industry information, rates and pension plans, before a candidate can actually start work.

But now there is a solution: Placement Direct, an Advanced Feature at Connector, designed specifically for Easyflex-users. This new feature allows staffing agencies to send all the necessary placement data directly to Easyflex with the click of a button, as soon as a candidate is placed in the source system.

For example, suppose a temporary worker receives a new assignment in the hospitality industry. Thanks to Placement Direct, all details such as the correct sector classification, pay period and other important information are entered directly and correctly into the back office system. This not only saves valuable time, but also minimizes errors that can occur with manual entry.

Placement Direct allows employment agencies to work more efficiently, get candidates to work faster and focus on providing high-quality service. This makes it a welcome innovation for the industry.

Easyflex | Solid Online

Placement Direct is made possible through a close collaboration between Solid Online and partner Easyflex. Thanks to their joint efforts, staffing agencies now have the ability to transmit comprehensive placement data directly from the source system to Easyflex, without delays or errors. Placement Direct has been put to use by a number of Solid Online customers. The functionality was developed in close cooperation with NED Personeel, in addition Liber Personeel now uses Placement Direct.

Liber Personnel is a young and driven staffing agency for property maintenance personnel. The hours saved by Placement Direct allow them to spend more time finding suitable candidates and providing excellent service to both candidates and clients.

Employment agency NED Personeel Provides staffing services in 5 sectors. By using Placement Direct, processing a placement now takes significantly less time than before. This means significant time savings for placements only, in addition, of course, there is already the time savings due to all master data being automatically forwarded via Connector . This allows the candidates to get to work faster and the agency to focus on other important tasks.

At Solid Online's recent Stay Connected Event, Collin Regter and Janno Elst of NED Personeel, in collaboration with Richard Baas of Solid Online, presented a breakout session on how the Connector and Placement Direct work at NED Personeel.

View the recap of this presentation here:

Richard SQ LR Circle 150

Richard Baas

Solution Architect
Solid Online

"The unique thing about the Zero-Touch project is that the placement is created completely automatically in Easyflex. 25 separate fields that before you all had to go through manually, different tabs you had to select, we now automatically populate from Connector with data from Carerix. This has been made possible in part because Easyflex has given Solid unique access to the placement. With Placement Direct we have realized a very nice time saving on the one hand, but on the other hand errors afterwards, such as translations or things that are missing, are prevented this way. Many thanks to NED personeel and Easyflex for developing this functionality together."

Andre Nell Liber Staff 150

André Nell

Commercial Director
Liber Personnel

"The Placement Direct functionality allows us to save a lot of time, avoid duplication and reduce the margin of error."

Janno NED 2 copy 150

Janno Elst

Business development Manager
NED Personeel

"Because of Placement Direct, the placement process is significantly faster than before. That is, of course, already a nice saving. But what we also notice is that the quality of the placements has improved immensely. So there are virtually no more corrections needed in the placement in Easyflex. Both NED Personeel and Solid Online have invested in this functionality and it has paid off for both parties."

NED Personeel has been the expert in human resources in West Brabant since 2009. The company is a personnel specialist in staffing, secondment and payroll. In addition, NED Personeel offers back-office services to employment agencies and payroll for the hospitality industry. The temporary employment agency's background is in agribusiness, but NED has also been active for years in transport & logistics, construction & infrastructure, industry and hospitality. Thanks to their experience and knowledge of the local market, NED Personeel always finds the match between employee and employer.

Liber Personeel provides the best jobs for their staff and the best professionals for its clients. Founders Chris Epskamp and André Nell are originally from the construction industry. In 2016, they joined forces and founded Liber Personeel. A young and driven temporary employment agency for property maintenance personnel. Liber knows its professionals well, thinks with them and does not shy away from a challenge.

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