HR service provider Logistic Force saves one FTE in operations with Connector between AFAS and Acture

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HR service provider Logistic Force has chosen the Solid Online Connector with a link between AFAS and Acture. Logistic Force uses AFAS as its back office and Acture for absenteeism management. Acture takes care of the entire absenteeism process for companies, and with Connector included, Logistic Force no longer has to worry about absenteeism at all. Sick leave only needs to be registered in AFAS and from there everything runs automatically. According to Logistic Force , the Solid Online Connector saves one FTE of administrative work, a nice time saver!

Acture is the private social security administrator for the Dutch flex industry. Acture specializes in decisive implementation of the Sickness Benefits Act and the WGA and offers employers complete cost control in sickness and disability.

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The ERP total solution for the flex industry. Get a grip on candidate management, placements, contracts, invoicing, remuneration and margin with the total solution from AFAS for the flex industry.

How does the link

Acture has its own self-developed software system, Klout7. The Solid Online Connector runs between Klout7 and AFAS. When Logistic Force receives a sick report, they register it in AFAS. The Connector retrieves the sick call and translates it into the format Klout7 needs to process the sick call. Once the temporary worker is better again, recovery notifications from Klout7 follow by email. Acture takes care of the complete handling of the absenteeism process for Logistic Force. The recovery notifications arrive by e-mail the Connector and are processed automatically. At the same time, the absence report is closed in AFAS . The Connector works as a "black-box", meaning that the employees of Logistic Force do not see the data flow via the Connector , the necessary data are automatically put in the right place in both systems. 

Pieter-Bas Piscaer | Solid Online

Pieter-Bas Piscaer

Solid Online

"It is good to hear that with the deployment of the Connector link, Logistic Force is saving so much time in the absence process. The contact with Jeroen Wouters, the functional manager, was very pleasant. Thanks in part to his dedication, we were able to roll out the project very efficiently."

Jeroen Wouters | Logistic Force

Jeroen Wouters

Functional Administrator
Logistic Force

"It is very nice to work with professionals who speak the same "language" and also understand the content of the process. As a result, the implementation went very smoothly. In this project we learned from each other which ultimately led to a better solution than projected beforehand."

Logistic Force is an HR service provider with 19 offices in the Netherlands. They specialize in staffing within the transport and logistics sectors. Logistic Force helps powerful people find the better job and helps organizations fill the flexible shell. Sometimes for a day, often for a longer period to permanent. For Logistic Force , people are the most important distinguishing asset of an organization. Especially in a world where technology plays an increasingly dominant role, people are becoming more important. Work will continue to change. Without human development no progress and growth!

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