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Movares has chosen the Connector with a link between Otys and AFAS.

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Candidates are created by Movares in Otys and linked to a vacancy. Once the vacancy is set to an 'accepted' status, this candidate's information is transferred via Connector to AFAS. Movares has chosen to let Otys be the leading system. This means that changes within existing candidates are made to Otys. The Solid Online Connector ensures that these changes are visible in AFAS within about one minute.

Afra Desmarets | Solid Online

Afra Desmarets

Director of Solid Online

"Movares was looking for a way to automatically transfer created candidates from Otys to AFAS. We were able to achieve this with our Connector. Working closely with Movares employees and Conclusion consultants, we were able to establish this link in a very pleasant and clear manner. By keeping the lines of communication short, we were able to switch quickly and set up the link to everyone's satisfaction. Partly because of this, we can speak of a successful and enjoyable project from both sides".


Roelof Oppenhuis

Project manager at Movares

"Movares has invested its recruitment process with Solveo. Solveo is part of the Movares Group and uses the recruitment system Otys to support their process. From Movares we use AFAS for our ERP processes. We were looking for a partner who could help us to realize the link between Otys and AFAS so that data no longer had to be manually double-entered. Solid Online and Conclusion Afas Solutions (CAS) have realized this link for us. The cooperation between CAS, Solid Online, Solveo and Movares went well. The link works to our satisfaction."

Movares is a consulting and engineering firm that provides products and services in a broad field ranging from mobility to water and energy. Cooperation, an open attitude and room for innovation are typical of Movares 's work in the world of infrastructure and mobility. Contributing to a liveable, accessible and sustainable Netherlands is the common thread running through their activities. This is what Movares does in its projects, but also in its business operations. Movares is the cleanest large consultancy and engineering firm in the Netherlands with the lowest CO2 emissions. Their engineers and consultants always come up with technically feasible and creative solutions. They deliver solid work based on well thought-out plans. Together with their clients, partners and knowledge institutes, Movares realizes successful and future-proof solutions to complex issues.

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