Placement Direct

Placement data automatically forwarded to Easyflex

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Placement Direct

From source system to Easyflex

Placement Direct is an Advanced Feature on the Connector specifically for Easyflex users. Placement Direct provides extensive functionality for processing placement data. 


In brief

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With Placement Direct, after a candidate has been placed in the source system, all the necessary placement data is immediately transferred to Easyflex



A candidate is placed in the source system

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Employment agency

The employment agency is pleased with the placement

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However, the administration has a lot of work in transferring the necessary placement data to the back office


Solid Online

Solid Online has the solution: the Connector with Placement Direct!


Straight to work

All necessary placement information is directly in Easyflex and the candidate can start immediately

The challenges of placement data

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Sensitive and comprehensive

Once a candidate is placed in the source system, all placement data must be transferred to the back office system.
This transfer involves a number of challenges, specific to placement data.

Placement information depends on laws and regulations. For example, it contains data on the correct sector, phase classification, rate agreements, pay period and pension. All highly sensitive information that must be transferred securely.

The amount of data required for a placement in the back office is very extensive, sometimes requiring as many as 30 fields to be filled in. This is error-prone and time-consuming. All boxes must be filled in, or no hours can be written on the placement. In addition, this information must be re-entered for each new placement, even if the candidate is already known.

For short jobs in hospitality or logistics, for example, it is essential that the placement information be in the back office quickly so that the candidate can start writing hours immediately and be paid after the job. After a candidate is placed, however, the placement information from the branch is emailed or even called to the main office. So if the branch is busy or understaffed, this may take some time.

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Extended data transfer

The extensive amount of data required to complete a placement is filled in directly and correctly

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Quickly ready for hours & invoicing

Candidates can write hours immediately and get paid after the job because all data is quickly in the back office

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Independence from occupation

No longer dependent on busy or understaffed back offices, all data is transferred automatically

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Laws and regulations covered

With Placement Direct all necessary information regarding laws and regulations are transferred

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Unique solution through partnership

All placement data directly in Easyflex

The Connector cleverly combines various data from source and target systems to populate the placement data in Easyflex.

Opportunities through partnership

Unique solution

Easyflex and Solid Online have been partners for many years. Thanks to the bond of trust we have established, Easyflex Solid Online has now given Solid Online unique permission to be allowed to transfer placement data directly from the source system to Easyflex.

Normally, a minimum number of fields in the placement can be filled automatically. The rest of the data must be entered manually. Easyflex has trained a number of our consultants to submit Placement Direct.

Solid Online can now access the placement fields through the Connector , and the required data is now shot directly from the source system to Easyflex. So no more delays before a candidate can start!

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Proprietary developed functionality

Richard Baas

Solution Architect
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Candidate file 

To fully create a placement in Easyflex , it is important that the candidate file is completely in order. In addition to the candidate's master data, Connector also ensures that the additional data needed for payroll and billing is filled. 

Closing NEG

Smart combining

Often not all required data is captured in the source system. The Connector combines various data from both systems to then populate the placement data in Easyflex.

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One touch of a button

Thanks to the agreed work process, it is possible to create a new request and placement from the source system in Easyflex at the push of a button. After this, only formal approval is needed to complete the placement. 

What our customers say

About Placement Direct

At Solid Online's Stay Connected Event, Collin Regter and Janno Elst of NED Personeel, in collaboration with Richard Baas of Solid Online, presented a breakout session on how the Connector and Placement Direct work at NED Personeel. View the recap of this presentation here:

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