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AnyLinQ has chosen Solid Online Connector for a link between AFAS (vacancies, realization of projects) and recruitment software Carerix. When data is entered or changed in one of these systems, the data can now be seen almost immediately in both systems. This is much less error-prone and it saves AnyLinQ a lot of time because fewer manual actions are required.

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Carerix - Based on years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment and Secondment, from a single system

Data from AFAS to Carerix

Incoming vacancies from clients are entered into AFAS by AnyLinQ . Via the Connector all information from the vacancy is transferred to Carerix, including the corresponding sales relationship and, if applicable, the end customer. In Carerix the matching of internal and external employees to these vacancies takes place.

Data from Carerix to AFAS

Employees are created in Carerix. Once an employee is placed in Carerix for the first time, the candidate's information is transferred via the Connector to AFAS. For employees coming through a supplier, this includes the linked purchasing relationship. Documents required in AFAS are also included. For example, a copy of the extract from the Chamber of Commerce, a confidentiality form or a signed employment contract. These documents are then automatically removed from Carerix, so that they are only available in the place where they are needed for business, in this case AFAS. When the status of the vacancy in Carerix changes to Closed (not scored) or Scored, the enriched information goes back to AFAS. This includes rate agreements, work agreements and placement information. This provides the user in AFAS with the correct data to create the project in AFAS .

AnyLinQ has chosen to let AFAS be the leading system. This means that changes within existing vacancies (forecasts), sales relationships and candidates are made in AFAS. The Connector ensures that these changes are visible in Carerix within about one minute.

The user is kept informed of the status of data transfer through notes in Carerix and outage reports. This allows immediate action to be taken if incorrect or incomplete information has been entered.

Solid Online | Felicienne Minnaar

Félicienne Minnaar

Project manager at Solid Online

"The project for AnyLinQ went well. AnyLinQ had been using AFAS for some time, but Carerix was new to them. After AnyLinQ determined with Carerix what functionality they wanted to use in this system, it was a matter of properly linking Carerix and AFAS . This is where we came to the table, to provide data transfer between the two systems through the Connector . Together with AnyLinQ , we determined how the link should be set up. In a project like this, it is great fun to work with different parties to come up with a nice solution so that, now that the implementation is done, AnyLinQ can benefit from a best of breed package that connects seamlessly!"

Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Senior consultant at Solid Online

"The process of setting up the link between Carerix and AFAS for AnyLinQ was enormously instructive! There is always a great challenge in thinking out the ideal flow of the link in advance when the customer is not yet using either software package. AnyLinQ recently chose the recruitment software of Carerix for matching internal and external employees to open vacancies. During the conversations I had as a consultant with Marcelle Paulussen and Silvia Schilder of AnyLinQ , we got closer and closer to the link they wanted. Solid Online's link ensures that relevant data is exchanged between the two software packages at the right time."

AnyLinQ helps organizations take the next step in a data-driven world - now, soon and later. AnyLinQ ensures that customers have their data available, can manage it properly and use it. AnyLinQ also helps extract value from data so that companies can make a difference. AnyLinQ provides not only advice and support, but also specialists who design and implement innovative projects and services. In doing so, they use a self-developed model - IT.Redefined. A new view of IT where the customer really takes center stage. AnyLinQ connects technology, knowledge and services.

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