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AFAS inspires better business

Work can be so much more fun and better. And with more consideration for society. In many organizations, people are busy doing the wrong things. Unnecessary actions, double work, repairing mistakes: it costs a lot of time and does not benefit quality. The mission of AFAS Software is: inspire better business. AFAS does that with software and everything it takes to use that software to achieve a higher goal. Organizations keep time for what they really find important: quality and job satisfaction.

Connector | Integration

Bullhorn - AFAS

A seamless work process with one truth and one user experience. Bullhorn and AFAS have formed a strategic partnership, which now makes these two systems seamless. This makes transferring the data for a draft placement a streamlined process. This integration is provided by Solid Online.

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Stefan Pool

Sales Manager

AFAS Software

Inspiration Avenue 1
3833 AV Leusden
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