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Solid Online realized for Kramp a link between Randstad and Workday. From now on, employees and placements go automatically from Randstad to Workday.
Randstad - For more than 60 years, Randstad has been bringing people and work together. Randstad wants to be the choice at every work-related moment, and to that end we go the extra mile, also with our customers. Together we discover where the real potential lies. We combine the increasingly digital world of work with a sincere, personal approach. The needs of our talents, customers and our own colleagues are central to this. Together we are ready for tomorrow.
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Workday - The system for finance, HR and planning for a changing world. With an enterprise management cloud from Workday, you build an organization that can respond to what's coming.

Marc Ham

Consultant at Solid Online

"With the SETU standard already familiar to us, Randstad connected seamlessly with our Connector . Additional Workday knowledge we gained with the help of a Workday specialist in Shanghai. Thanks in part to the pleasant cooperation with the people at Kramp and Randstad, the link was established."


Miriam Beernink

Principal process manager at Randstad Group Netherlands

"The strength of this implementation was in the shared desire to improve processes. Thanks to committed team members on the side of Kramp, Solid Online and my colleagues at Randstad, this was accomplished!"


Patrick Grootaarts

IT Information Analyst at Kramp

"Due to the continuous further digitalization of our HR processes, among other things, we are very pleased with the link via Solid Online, which removes manual creation and/or changes from our large group of temporary workers. Besides the time savings on Kramp and temporary employment agencies side, this also results in a quality improvement as a result of which we can involve temporary employees even closer in our organization. It also opens the door to connecting other integrations, countries and staffing organizations. This makes Workday even more our leading HR system."

Kramp began 65 years ago as a small sole proprietorship. Now Kramp has grown into the largest supplier of parts and accessories for the agricultural sector in Europe. Nowhere do so many top brands come together as at Kramp. Kramp operates in more than 24 European countries, but there is still a family culture that cherishes its local face. Thus the customers of Kramp do business with a local partner, specialists who know the market and speak the customer's language. As a company active in the agricultural sector, Kramp knows how important it is to treat the environment well, and its product range is therefore becoming increasingly sustainable. Kramp sells products with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label, and all packaging bears the Green Dot logo. This logo indicates that the company of the product makes a financial contribution to the selective collection, sorting and recycling of packaging. Kramp knows the market and the possibilities to make work easy and efficient. Kramp has the largest range of technical parts in Europe with a powerful logistics network and professional support. Whether a company is active in the Agri-market, Garden & Park sector, Earthmoving or Machine Construction (OEM): Kramp keeps companies running.

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