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From data to actionable insights

GraydonCreditsafe strives to create an environment in which businesses can grow and economies can thrive. GraydonCreditsafe distinguishes itself by providing reliable business information.

Business data is checked, confirmed and enriched with information from various sources. This enables GraydonCreditsafe to generate valuable insights on economic, financial and commercial aspects, allowing you to make better business decisions.

Data is retrieved and completed to support the entire prospect-to-cash process. This includes information about potential customers, clients, and contacts. Added data includes risk assessments (such as credit limits, payment scores, and likelihood of bankruptcy), company profiles and concern relationships, contact information, and signing authority.

GraydonCreditsafe integrated
into your environment

GraydonCreditsafe feature

Through the partnership between GraydonCreditsafe and Solid Online, you can now benefit from the GraydonCreditsafe services, integrated into your own environment.

The Connector makes it possible, from your system, to automatically enrich customer data with data from the GraydonCreditsafe database. In addition, it is possible to request a credit report at the touch of a button, which is stored directly in the client file.

A request to GraydonCreditsafe can be made directly from your environment. The Solid Online Connector then executes this request. The data is retrieved from GraydonCreditsafe and compared with the data from your system. The customer card is then updated.

Interested in GraydonCreditsafe services within your area? Contact us and ask about the possibilities. Are you already a customer of GraydonCreditsafe? Then Solid Online can also take care of the integration.


GraydonCreditsafe | Functionality

Automatically enrich customer data with data from the GraydonCreditsafe database

company add nec

New relationship

Instantly create a new relationship with company information from GraydonCreditsafe

Company profile

Company Profile

Supplement existing relationships with business information from GraydonCreditsafe

Solid Online | Icon

Credit scores

Existing relationships supplement with credit scores from GraydonCreditsafe

dashboard nec

Credit Report

Understanding your relationship's creditworthiness

with a comprehensive report

The benefits

e Billing Cb NEG

Directly in your own system

When creating a new account in your system, the data is automatically populated

Refresh neg DB

Easily up to date

Update existing relationships in your system at the touch of a button

Preview Neg CB

Understanding your relationships

Always insight into the situation of your relations

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