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Graydon and Solid Online have entered into a partnership! From now on you can benefit from the Graydon services, integrated in your own system! The Connector now makes it possible, from your own system, to automatically enrich customer data with data from the Graydon database. In addition, it is possible to request a credit report at the touch of a button, which is directly stored in the customer file.

So it is no longer necessary to log in to Graydon for this, you make the request to Graydon directly from your own system. The Solid Online Connector then executes this request. The data is retrieved from Graydon and compared with the data from your system. Then the customer card is updated to your own requirements. For each field it can be pre-set whether it may be overwritten. Old values of the fields can also be stored in notes. All fields are also sent to your system in an xls sheet.

Data is retrieved and completed to support prospect-to-cash processes. This includes data on prospects, clients and contacts. Included additions include risk indicators (credit limit, payment score, probability of bankruptcy and dissolution), company profile and concern relationships, contact details and signing authority.

With this ability to automatically enrich your data, your system becomes increasingly complete without the risk of errors. The partnership between Graydon and Solid Online thus offers a valuable addition to your system.

Read the press release about the partnership here

Martijn Roos

Senior Account Manager at Graydon

"The cooperation between Solid Online and Graydon is a perfect match. Both at Solid Online and Graydon we are working with data all day long and therefore we speak the same language. Solid Online is the missing link between the Graydon database and all possible software packages in the Flex Market."

Graydon aims to create a playing field in which organizations prosper and economies prosper. 

Reliable business information

In a world dominated by technology, Graydon's ambition is to distinguish itself by being innovative and providing reliable business information.

Valuable insights

Graydon ensures that your data is cleansed, validated and enriched with information from several other sources. From there, valuable economic, financial and commercial insights can be generated, enabling you to make better business decisions.

Strengthen your competitive position

Graydon strives to help their customers make the right business decisions every day by using the right information. In addition, they help you identify trends and market opportunities, and capitalize on them, in order to improve your competitive position.

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