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In 2021 Loyal Interim acquired the specialist recruitment agency for IT professionals PHIND. Loyal Interim recruits, selects, coaches and places top talent with its partners in both the private and public sectors. Loyal Interim specializes in Risk & Compliance, Legal, business IT & Data. For Loyal Interim , the acquisition also meant a switch to the recruitment software of Bullhorn. As a financial package, Loyal Interim usesAFAS. For data exchange between Bullhorn and AFAS , Loyal Interim chose Solid Online Connector.

Bullhorn is the global leader in CRM and operational software for the recruitment industry. Its advanced data management and customer insight technology helps organizations find and engage candidates and customers.

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AFAS - The ERP solution for the flex industry. Get a grip on candidate management, placements, contracts, invoicing, payroll and margins with AFAS 's total solution for the flex industry.

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Both Loyal Interim and PHIND each used a different recruitment software package. Loyal Interim Prior to the realization of the Connector link, Solid Online took care of the data migration from the 2 old software packages to Bullhorn. Through a Weekend Migration, where in the following week a few fields were updated at the request of the customer, all data was quickly available in Bullhorn and Loyal Interim could continue working in the new package, where all data was in the right place.

The Connector link between Bullhorn and AFAS ensures the exchange of candidate data and placement information. The link is a so-called two-way link. This means that if there is a change in a candidate or placement in Bullhorn, this change is automatically also visible in AFAS , but also vice versa. The Connector ensures that in both systems the data is always up to date and so all employees at Loyal Interim know that they are working with the most recent data.

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Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Product owner
Solid Online

"In the cooperation with Loyal Interim , the mutual understanding was very good. Formally they are the client and we are the supplier, but in the project we really felt like one team. That worked very pleasant and motivating, which of course has a positive effect on the end result."

Roel ter Horst | Loyal Interim

Roel ter Horst

Business Controller
Loyal Interim

"Solid Online provided great guidance during our data migration and building the Connector. The implementation was fast and smooth, meanwhile our specific needs were well listened to. I can recommend Solid Online to anyone for a cooperation."

Loyal Interim was founded on the belief that we in the Netherlands can deal more sustainably with hiring, secondment and consultancy. This world is in need of change on several fronts, especially when it comes to openness and a sincere way of doing business. Transparency is therefore also the foundation of Loyal Interim. This produces significant benefits for both employee and client. The most important: loyalty created among their people. Loyal Interim always provides the right match. With smart tooling and a large network, they select the best professionals for the job, who together form the right mix of talent, skills and experience to do the job well. They are professionals who complement project teams perfectly. Because only then does synergie arise between the team members, which contributes to optimal cooperation. Loyal Interim has a network of professionals that is constantly supplemented with new talent. For example, they work intensively with study and student associations throughout the country. Loyal Interim keeps an eye on developments in the market. as a result, they can switch quickly and are a flexible partner.

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