Kennisjobs from Belgium transfers data at the "touch of a button" thanks to Connector!

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Kennisjobs of Belgium uses the back-office functionality of BrightStaffing for the invoicing and payment of temporary workers. Since mid-October, Carerix has been up and running for candidate recruitment, selection and placement. Solid Online streamlines the staffing process for Kennisjobs by linking Carerix as the front office to the back office system. Because data now no longer needs to be manually transferred from front office to back office, Kennisjobs saves a lot of time. Moreover, errors are prevented.
Carerix - Based on years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of recruitment & selection, staffing and secondment, from one system
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BrightStaffing - The all-in-one software solution for staffing companies. Manage all steps in the staffing process in a simple and efficient way. From matching to invoicing and payment.

Quickly transfer data and create contracts

Candidate, customer and contact data are initially entered in Carerix. As soon as this data is needed in BrightStaffing , it can be transferred to the back office system with the "push of a button". When a placement is realized in the recruitment system, an email is sent out to the back office staff at Kennisjobs with the contract information recorded in Carerix, with a request to create a contract for this placement in BrightStaffing. Contract information that becomes available at a later time is completed in BrightStaffing. Kennisjobs has chosen to have changes to candidate, client and contact data largely done by the front office. Only data relevant to payroll and invoicing are maintained in the back office. Relevant changes are automatically synchronized to the other system via Connector , all within minutes. The data in the front and back office of Kennisjobs thus remain the same.
Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Senior consultant at Solid Online

"The going live of the link between Carerix and BrightStaffing for the purpose of Kennisjobs also meant for Solid Online the first going live of an integration with BrightStaffing. Cool that right from the first moment the coupling operates to the satisfaction of the customer. Hendrik Bogaert, Ine Veys and Valerie Dejonckheere of Kennisjobs, thank you for your input and commitment during this process! Your enthusiasm and quick follow-up on questions made it a pleasure to work on this link! In addition, my appreciation to Dries Vrijders and Alissa Bey of HRlinkIT and Ward Baert, Tiffany Vanhondeghem and Benjamin Cottyn for their support in setting up this integration. We can be proud of how the process went."


Hendrik Bogaert

Manager at Kennisjobs

"It was pleasant and professional working with the people at Solid Online. We always felt that there was such a strong commitment as if it was for their own sake that they wanted it to succeed."

Kennisjobs is a high-quality staffing selection company that really gets to know its candidates and companies. Kennisjobs is active on the job market in East and West Flanders and specializes in the Construct, Industry and Office segments. Kennisjobs looks beyond the CV of its candidates and searches for the values that motivate a candidate in life and work. Every person is special and every person deserves the attention to be discovered. The person behind the career is central at Kennisjobs . Kennisjobs also acts as a personal job coach and confidant on the way to a customized job. Recognizing talented people and quickly introducing them to dynamic companies is the strength and social added value of Kennisjobs!

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