B&P Professionals more time for matching by Connector between Carerix and Easyflex

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B&P Professionals has chosen Solid Online Connector for a link between their recruitment software Carerix and their back office package Easyflex. B&P Professionals is a secondment agency for the banking, insurance and public sectors. With the Connector link, B&P now has more time to make the best match between their clients and professionals!

Easyflex - The all-in-one system for the flex industry for payroll, invoicing, scheduling and data visualization, among others
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Carerix - Based on years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of recruitment & selection, staffing and secondment, from a single system

Solid Online realized for B&P Professionals a Connector link between Carerix and Easyflex for the topics Candidates and Documents. The link works both ways.The candidate and the associated documents, such as the id certificate, are transferred to Easyflex the moment this is indicated in Carerix . The records are then further maintained in Easyflex . Of candidates who have been given the status "Active" in Easyflex , the contract data areshotbackfromEasyflex to Carerix .
Because of the Solid Online Connector
, B&P Professionals placements do nothave to be put into Easyflex manually. This way ,placement data isnever forgotten or entered too lateagain . Takeover errors are also a thing of the past, and contract data is always correct in both packages.

Irina Bremmers | Solid Online

Irina Bremmers

Project Manager
Solid Online

"B&P Professionals itself already had a lot of knowledge and the necessary preparations in place. As a result, there was a clear vision of the requirements throughout the project and this project went quite smoothly. A very pleasant cooperation!"

Niek Bleumink | B&P Professionals

Niek Bleumink

B&P Professionals

"With the realization of these links, we can work more efficiently and reduce human error."

B&P Professionals is a national secondment agency based in Arnhem. They mediate both experienced and starting professionals for interesting assignments with great clients within the banking, insurance and public sectors. B&P Professionals always aims for the perfect match between employee and client. They look beyond someone's CV. Their field managers ensure the right guidance for the employees, so they can develop themselves further, realize their ambitions and offer optimal added value for the clients of B&P Professionals. The recruitment team consists of experienced recruiters who, with their extensive and specialized recruitment knowledge, are the perfect sparring partners for both clients and professionals. B&P Professionals believes in successful secondment together with its employees and clients.

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