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For ANTS Uitzendgroep from now on candidates are automatically linked between planning software Plan4Flex and Workforce Management from HelloFlex by means of the Solid Online Connector. The moment the candidate is put on the status Active in HelloFlex the Connector retrieves the data and transforms it to the structure of Plan4Flex. Then in Plan4Flex the candidate can be scheduled. This saves valuable time in transferring candidates, which now no longer needs to be done manually.

HelloFlex Makes your Workforce Management processes more fun, easy and efficient
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ANTS Uitzendgroep is flexible, transparent and service-oriented. The planning staff is committed to providing the best team for their clients every day. ANTS specializes in all types of work for production companies and knows how important quality, a stable team and flexibility is for their clients. They value clear communication, like to think along with customers' needs and have grown rapidly since their start in 2017 partly because of this. A young and dynamic team that takes good care of its people! 

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