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Xentys is a recruitment agency that specializes in consulting services in technical procurement. They recently switched to their new system, Mysolution. For Xentys it was of course important that all data from their old system could be found in the right place in Mysolution. Solid Online took care of the data migration, so Xentys could quickly continue in the new system.

How did the data migration go?

Xentys provided an export of some of the data to be migrated. We also retrieved much of the data, including documents and emails, from the API of the old system. The master data was transferred over a weekend (candidates/clients/contacts/vacancies/placements). In the following week, the emails/documents were migrated. Then the remaining data was transferred with a delta migration. A delta migration has 2 phases, in phase 1 Xentys, after exporting all data, could still continue working in the old system. In phase 2 these last made changes were also migrated and Xentys could continue in their new system where all data were in the right place. This was the first data migration Solid Online did to Mysolution. For Solid Online a nice milestone on the road to more data migrations and links with Mysolution.

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Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Product Expert
Solid Online

"Together with Martin Havelka of Xentys and Bernard Soons of Mysolution , we defined the scope for the data migration to Mysolution. During the project the finishing touches were made to ensure that Xentys had the desired data immediately when Mysolution went live. It was a large data migration with different topics and large amounts of data, but thanks to the consultations in the preliminary phase and good coordination, the migration was completed in one go to the satisfaction of the customer. A project to be proud of."

Martin Havelka | Xentys

Martin Havelka


"As a recruitment agency, data collection is in our essence - from candidates to files such as resumes and agreements. We had a lot of them, but Solid Online managed to tackle all the challenges efficiently. I was really impressed with Martine's commitment and capabilities."

Bernard Soons | Mysolution

Bernard Soons


"It was the first collaboration between Mysolution and Solid Online, which required more attention and time from both sides. During the project we had to switch gears at several moments to meet the hard deadline. Nevertheless, the cooperation went very well and we left behind a satisfied customer. In short: a top project and certainly something to write home about."

Xentys, founded in 2010, is a recruitment agency that specializes in consultancy services in technical procurement. Xentys provides recruitment of procurement professionals on an Interim basis, Secondment or through Recruitment & Selection. The consultants of Xentys know the labor market for procurement functions in the industry and construction like no other. Xentys has the right expertise to advise its clients on their recruitment and selection procedures and procurement processes.

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