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Solid Online | Bolap is a staffing organization specializing in "handy" personnel. They mainly supply personnel for the construction, demolition, production, logistics and cleaning sectors. For one of 's logistics clients, Solid Online has realized a link between Easyflex and Softbrick. 

is the all-in-one system for the flex industry for payroll, invoicing, scheduling and data visualization, among other things.

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strives for noticeable improvements in business processes, significant improvements in business results and a vital, happy workforce.

Candidates and placements are recorded in 's staffing software (Easyflex). 's logistics client uses Softbrick for scheduling and timekeeping. By using the Solid Online Connector , candidates and placements from Easyflex are automatically forwarded to Softbrick so that the employee can be immediately scheduled and register their hours in Softbrick. After approval in Softbrick, the hours and fees are automatically delivered to Easyflex so that the candidate can be paid. Data no longer needs to be manually retyped. This prevents errors.


Marion Hermans

Account Manager

"Thanks to this link, we no longer have to update everything manually and there is always a connection between our client's planning and time registration on the one hand and our payroll and staffing software on the other. It saves time and reduces the chance of error. We are happy with it!"

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