Haldu groep opts for Connector between Carerix and HelloFlex

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Haldu Groep opts for the Solid Online Connector for exchanging candidate, client and contact data between recruitment software Carerix and back-office HelloFlex!

Employment agency Haldu Groep, based in Groesbeek, is focused on the staffing of professionals in construction, engineering and automotive. Recruitment and selection is all about professional and personal contact with the team, which consists of a wide variety of specialists.

Haldu Groep recently exchanged its existing back office for the software of HelloFlex/FlexService. For years they have used Carerix for the recruitment and selection of professionals, which allows them to easily keep track of all commercial activities within the organization. 

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Solid Online provided the data migration of clients and contacts from Carerix to HelloFlex . The test migration performed enabled Haldu Groep to timely correct the information in Carerix where necessary, for example when the client's entered visit or billing address was not filled correctly. As a result, the production migration went smoothly. 

To reduce the administrative burden and avoid errors in manually retyping data between Carerix and HelloFlex , Haldu Groep chose the Connector with a link between Carerix and HelloFlex for candidate, client and contact information.

The Solid Online Connector provides a nice interaction between the data in Carerix and Helloflex. Relevant candidates, clients and contact persons in Carerix are created in HelloFlex via the link. These are then also visible in FlexService. After changes leading in HelloFlex , the information in Carerix is updated. A number of handy features increase ease of use. The date and time of the last synchronization is shown in Carerix so that users are always aware of the latest state of affairs. Any error messages are immediately visible in Carerix, so the user can immediately follow up and correct them. The status of the candidate, client and contact person is also synchronized between the two systems. Does the candidate leave service in HelloFlex? Then the status in Carerix is also updated, so it is known whether this candidate can be included in the recruitment process. 

The Connector link for Haldu Groep is completely set up according to the wishes of this employment agency and tailored to what suits their business process. Efficient and effective!

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