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TimeChimp is the new technical partner of Solid Online! Now TimeChimp customers can even more easily interface with their other software packages and improve workflow.

TimeChimp offers a simple way of recording hours in the cloud, for more overview and control of the organization. TimeChimp helps with the entire administrative flow: from the first hours written to the last invoice and payment of salary (through smart integrations).

With the Connector , TimeChimp 's customers now have the option of linking even more of their software packages, so manual retyping of hours worked is no longer necessary: all data enters the correct package automatically via the Connector . 


"By partnering with Solid Online, we can offer our customers even more integration options with other software packages. This ensures less (repetitive) work and therefore fewer errors. This partnership also fits perfectly into our 'best-of-breed' vision where links between various tools not only provide a simplified workflow, but ultimately also gives more insight within the organization!"

Is your business also in need of a smooth flow between your applications?
We would be happy to tell you what Solid Online can do for your business!

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