Trend People profits from extensive functionalities thanks to the interface between Carerix and Easyflex!

Trend People started to use the front office software of Carerix last year. It was essential that the new front office could be linked to their existing Easyflex back office. The Solid Online Connector was the right solution for this. Solid Online has a partnership with both Carerix and Easyflex, allowing Trend People to be directly linked to the Connector for the interface between Carerix and Easyflex. 

We spoke with Anette Huisman and Sandra Langelaar, both regional managers at Trend People, and asked them how they experienced the innovation. Sandra: “Previously we worked with one system, Easyflex. We used this system both as back office and front office. But we needed more front office functionalities and that’s how we decided for Carerix.” Anette: “It was very important to us to keep Easyflex as a back office for, among other things, the creation of contracts and the remuneration of the flex workers. Because we were used to doing everything in one system, it was essential that all data went to Easyflex without any hassle, so that we didn’t have to retype.”

Carerix – Based on years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment and Secondment, from one system 
Solid Online | Connector | Carerix | Easyflex
Easyflex is the all-in-one system for the temporary employment sector for, among other things, remuneration, invoicing, planning and data visualization

The Solid Online Connector ensures fast and error-free data transfer between the two systems, so the data in each package is always up-to-date. The Trend People employees do not notice the presence of the intermediate Connector. Anette: “Our employees prepare the data from Carerix to forward them to Easyflex at the push of a button. Very occasionally, a placement does not come through properly, but then we are always assisted immediately by the Solid Online support department.”

How does this interface work?

Data of candidates, clients and contact persons are entered by Trend in Carerix. When a placement is realized, this data is automatically transferred to Easyflex via the Connector. Via this integration, the placement is also created in Easyflex, whereby the wage statement data and wage period data of a flex worker are directly added. Information about the status of the data transfer is sent back to the user in Carerix, so that the employee sees at a glance whether the data has been successfully transferred to Easyflex, when the data was last synchronized or what action is still required to successfully transfer the data to the back office. Data adjusted or enriched in Carerix at a later time are automatically updated in Easyflex within a few minutes.

Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Senior consultant Solid Online

"Trend People has been using the interface between Carerix and Easyflex for a number of months now for the exchange of placement, candidate, client and contact details. During the implementation process I got to know Sandra Langelaar and Anette Huisman from Trend People as friendly and hard-working ladies, with a heart for their business. They continuously kept Trend People’s business process in mind when making decisions. Ladies, thank you for your efforts!"

Sandra Langelaar | Anette Huisman | Trend People

Sandra Langelaar and Anette Huisman

Regional Managers Trend People

"We are very satisfied with the Solid Online Connector between Carerix and Easyflex. We have the advantages of the extensive front office functionalities of Carerix and the familiar back office features of Easyflex without having to transfer data manually. We see more possibilities with the Connector in the future. Sending data from Carerix to Easyflex is now almost fully equipped. We already have some topics in mind for the return from Easyflex to Carerix, so that it will no longer be necessary to log in separately in Easyflex. Like debtor monitoring by the use of tasks or keeping track of the phase system.”

Trend People is a committed, accessible and recognizable employment agency that offers various forms of services: temporary employment, secondment, recruitment & selection and payrolling. Trend People is active in the office, healthcare, logistics & technology sectors. The company always revolves around fast and professional mediation with quality as the starting point. With personal attention and genuine interest in both candidates and employers, Trend People knows how to make the most successful match time and again. 

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