Stay Connected: Successful Solid Online Event Celebrates Collaborations

On May 16th, the first Stay Connected Solid Online Event took place. From the rooftop bar of our new office in Hoofddorp, customer cases were presented on various topics. Stay Connected was attended by clients, partners, and other interested parties. During the subsequent networking drinks, numerous ideas were exchanged. The right blend of informative and informal elements made the afternoon a success.

Solid Online | Stay Connected Event
Solid Online | Stay Connected Event
Solid Online | Stay Connected Event

The event kicked off with a series of inspiring presentations, focusing on customer cases from the staffing industry. It started with a presentation on Charlie works. Richard Baas and Félicienne Harteveld-Minnaar from Solid Online shared how the Hours Transformer simplifies hour processing for Charlie works.

After a short break, the Metis room hosted the customer case of Logistic Force. Pieter-Bas Piscaer from Solid Online presented alongside Debby Smits and Jeroen Wouters from Logistic Force, discussing the Connector that operates in two forms at Logistic Force: one between AFAS and Acture for absence registration, and the other between AFAS and Clevergig for managing sales relationships, employees, and their competencies.

Simultaneously, in the Hemera room, the customer case of NED Personeel was presented on Direct Assignment, an Advanced Feature on the Connector. Collin Regter and Janno Elst from NED Personeel, together with Richard Baas from Solid Online, delivered the presentation. Richard collaborated with Easyflex to develop this Advanced Feature on the Connector, providing NED Personeel with extensive capabilities for processing assignement data.

Last but not least, David Hill from our partner ABN AMRO presented on Payday. This new app ensures faster payment for freelancers. Solid Online ensures that Payday integrates with the back-office systems of the staffing agencies and that the hours are sent to ABN AMRO as quickly as possible.

Solid Online | Stay Connected Event
Solid Online | Stay Connected Event
Solid Online | Stay Connected Event

The host of the afternoon was our intern, Larissa Boerenstam, who organized this event as her graduation project for her Creative Business studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). Her dedication and creativity contributed to the positive atmosphere of the event.

The event not only provided an informative platform but also an informal setting where clients, partners, Solid employees, and other attendees could engage in conversations. While enjoying snacks and drinks from Farm Kitchen, valuable connections were made, and ideas were exchanged. The pleasant gathering was accompanied by the music of DJ Vaganza.

With the success of Stay Connected in mind, Solid is already looking ahead to the next event scheduled for the upcoming autumn. It promises to be another unique opportunity to strengthen customer relationships, forge new collaborations, and explore the latest developments within the staffing software industry.

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