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To keep up with the increased demand for our software products, 5 new employees have joined in India! All with a good dose of ambition and experience. Sahiti and Sreedevi are Senior software developers. They help develop our applications and provide technical support to our customers. Nirmla, Suryadivya and Prasant are Senior Software Testers and it is their responsibility to test the newly developed software with their team. They will also further roll out automatic testing. 

We asked them how they experienced their first weeks at Solid. They have all just started, which means that they started their new job from home. Isn’t that strange? Nirmla also sees the advantages of this: “I can save travel time and invest this time in learning new things and also getting to know the company”. Regular video sessions with the team keep the interaction sharp and the new employees are immediately involved in the process. Sahiti: “I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the team” Sreedevi: “Due to the pandemic, I was unable to meet my new colleagues in person unfortunately, but we did meet online.” Suryadiva: “I met my new colleagues through ICQ and spoke to them all during my first two weeks. We have become good friends.”

Fortunately, they were able to get a good first impression of our company, even working from home. Prasant is happy with the “friendly colleagues and environment”. In addition, he sees working at Solid as an opportunity to grow in his career. Suryadiva: “The company’s products are innovative and I look forward to making my contribution.”

We wish our new employees good luck!

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