Being and remaining successful? That requires Future Fit IT!

Pivoton is the best IT partner for translating complex laws and regulations into user-friendly process supporting software that guarantees maximum productivity and error reduction. This knowledge has been built up over more than 30 years and this makes Pivoton a serious and respected IT partner within the flex industry.

Complete unburdening and process optimization are always paramount in providing advice and guidance in setting up, deploying, optimizing and maintaining the IT solutions that determine the future. The result? Productivity improvement, minimal training time, maximum unburdening and user-friendliness for the end users at branches and therefore maximum focus on commerce!

Best of Breed

The market, legislation, regulations and developments are and will remain in constant flux. This requires a reliable but extremely agile IT landscape at the same time. Reliable IT solutions and maximum unburdening in combination with the freedom of choice and flexibility to be future-proof and distinctive. Pivoton does what it does best; offering the best mid and back office software with accompanying services for the temporary employment sector. From a Best of Breed vision, Pivoton facilitates optimal chain integration with all suppliers while creating maximum agility and adaptability to market and customer requirements. Building a sustainable Future Fit IT landscape together with customers for maximum business value! Reliability where needed and flexibility and freedom where possible.

Paul van den Bosch

Managing Director



Keesomstraat 28-30
6716 AB Ede
+31 (0)6 10705259


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