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MultiFlexx has opted for the Solid Online Transformer for the invoice processing of freelancers. By making use of the self-billing (reverse billing) solution within the Transformer, MultiFlexx and their freelancers are ensured of a quick and error-free process of all the invoice data. This makes the financial settlement a lot easier.

How does self-billing work for MultiFlexx within the Transformer?

Masterdata to AFAS

The master data of the freelancers, suppliers, and clients are imported into the Transformer from FMS. A creditor is created in AFAS for the freelancers and other suppliers. Existing creditors are updated. Relevant data is imported, such as invoice type, invoice frequency and funding percentage. Freelancers can opt for self-billing or receive a pro forma invoice with all the necessary information for invoicing to MultiFlexx. Other suppliers receive a pro forma invoice for commission, in other words the commission + wages (onward invoicing).

Placement and compensation

On a weekly basis the relevant placements, hours, and allowances are obtained from FMS and imported into the Transformer. The hours are automatically grouped in the Cockpit based on the invoicing data of the freelancer or supplier, taking the invoice frequency into account, amongst other things.


It is possible to upload invoice attachments which are sent to the freelancer or supplier. In addition, a final check can be done on the content of the invoice or pro forma. This is then sent to the freelancer or supplier. A copy is sent to the MultiFlexx administration, so that they have an overview of all the e-mails that have been sent from Solid Online. After the self-billing has been sent, a financial transaction is automatically created in AFAS for the corresponding creditor. The financial department of MulitFlexx can immediately see when which amounts must be paid. After the pro forma has been sent, an obligation is automatically created in AFAS for the corresponding creditor.
Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Senior consultant Solid Online

“The down-to-earth attitude and honest approach of Paul Verdiesen and Stephen van Houwelingen of MultiFlexx, has ensured that within a few months we have set up a Transformer application aimed at self-billing and onward invoicing that fully meets the wishes of the customer and works optimally together with the software packages that MultiFlexx uses in the recruitment process (Pivoton) and the financial administration (AFAS). The first meeting was on July 30, 2020, in Rotterdam. On January 1, 2021, the application was put into use by MultiFlexx. Something be proud of, especially in these times when every consultation can only take place online. Gentlemen, thank you for your dedication, expertise and determination!”


Stephen van Houwelingen

Financial director MultiFlexx

“Solid Online gives us the opportunity to digitize invoices and proforma messages on behalf of the freelancer and the lender. This allows us to work more efficiently, and we can pay the freelancers faster. We would especially like to thank Martine for the fantastic cooperation on this project.”

MultiFlexx was founded in 1994 and has years of experience and an exceptionally big network in the profit and non-profit sector. MultiFlexx is advising and assisting the entire process in hiring temps, secondment workers, freelancers, IB 47-ers, volunteers and trainees. They execute this flawlessly, tailored to the needs of the organization. MultiFlexx is continuously working on optimizing their processes, resulting in significant savings for organizations that have many temps. MultiFlexx can also (pre) finance the full deployment of flexible labor. This ensures the MultiFlexx customers peace of mind on the work floor and no stress about late payments. Temps can fully focus on their work and continue to enjoy working for the organization.

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