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Prepare and send customer-specific invoices

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Retrieve, convert and forward invoices to your customers

Do your customers request invoices in a format that your system does not generate? With Solid Online’s Invoices Transformer, you can meet all your customers’ invoicing requirements. The Invoices Transformer converts standard invoices generated in your back office into any desired format. In addition, you can set up checks that add missing information, such as a PO number. Attachments can also be added. The Invoices Transformer converts outgoing files into the desired format and sends them to the end customer in the right way. To a mailbox, to your customer’s system or even to Digipoort!

The Invoices Transformer ensures that no invoice is sent out when information is missing. Manual addition, checking and sending is no longer necessary, so your invoices are paid faster.

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Dynamic composing

Make use of the dynamic possibilities. You can create customer-specific invoices per operating company.

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Configurable validations

Set the points on which outgoing invoices must be checked. Invoices that lack information are set aside.

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Choice of file format

The Invoices Transformer converts standard-generated invoices into any file format desired by the customer.

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Customised forwarding

The Invoices Transformer sends invoices exactly the way your customer likes to receive them, whether via e-mail or FTP, anything is possible.

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Flexibility as standard

Prepare and
send customer-specific invoices

The Invoices Transformer takes an error-prone and time-consuming part of the invoice process off your hands.

Interfaces and data exchange

The Invoices Transformer is familiar with these systems


The possibilities of the Invoices Transformer at a glance

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Complete your invoice as required

  • Enriching information
  • Grouping by cost centre
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Set up checks

  • PO number
  • Attachment
  • Cost center
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Export to desired file format

  • PDF
  • XLS
  • ZIP
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XML
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Send with desired transport mechanism

  • FTP
  • e-mail
  • Webservice
  • API

How does it work?

Set your desired invoice properties and controls only once
and let the Invoices Transformer do the work from then onwards

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Invoices to be processed can be delivered in any file format and in any way.

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The Invoices Transformer transforms the supplied invoices according to your set requirements.

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Treating exceptions

Invoices that are still lacking information or contain incorrect info will show in your cockpit for completion.

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The new invoice is forwarded to the customer using the customer's preferred method.

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Generating invoices for freelancers

Generate purchase invoices on behalf of your suppliers. At the same time, generate sales invoices to clients.


The master data of the freelancers, suppliers and clients are imported into the Invoices Transformer from the back office. Creditors for the freelancers and other suppliers are created in the financial system. Existing creditors are updated. Relevant data is imported, such as invoice type, invoice frequency and financing percentage. Freelancers can choose for self-billing or for receiving a pro forma invoice containing all necessary information for invoicing your company.

What our clients say

about the Invoices Transformer


With the Invoices Transformer, you meet all the required standards

SETU, UBL, Peppol

The Invoices Transformer is fully compatible with major standards including SETU, UBL and Peppol



The Invoices Transformer transforms your invoices to the government and sends them to Digipoort. Fully in accordance with the requirements of this government electronic post office

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