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The complete workforce management solution for intermediaries

HelloFlex is part of the HelloFlex group, located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. HelloFlex develops new solutions every day to make workforce management more fun and easy.

HelloFlex is sourcing management software and consists of a collection of fully integrated online tools. All HelloFlex tools are primarily intended to make the work for recruitment consultants in the temp agency sector easier and more efficient. With a team of more than 200 professionals HelloFlex is continuously working on innovative solutions, to give more than 1,000 customers control over their temp agency processes. Through knowledge sharing, they develop an optimal user experience together with their leading users. Stability, control and user friendliness come first in every sourcing tool launched by HelloFlex.
The all-in-one solution of HelloFlex consists of different software tools that fit together perfectly. These tools have been brought together in a number of bundles to cover the logical parts of the work process. Depending on the needs and wishes you can put together your own software package, based on these bundles.

The expansion of the HelloFlex software suite offers recruitment consultants an increasingly complete package for automating all front, mid and back office processes. Besides the full integration, the software tools work in a concise and simple way so that users can work even more easily. All software is tested on the compliance requirements that temp agencies must meet.

More than 1,000 customers rely on the software of HelloFlex as a sustainable and safe solution for the future. HelloFlex is part of the HelloFlex group. HelloFlex group has grown considerably in the last few years. More than 1,500 organizations now use their solutions. These are developed by over 200 specialists in the Netherlands and Ukraine. And HelloFlex is still growing.
Jochem Eerden | Sales Manager | Helloflex

Jochem Eerden

Sales Manager



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