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Social employment agency Flexpay has opted for an interface between Otys and Easyflex by means of the Solid Online Connector.

OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation possibilities the Recruiting Technology platform is a very attractive option. 

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is the all-in-one system for the temporary employment sector for, among other things, remuneration, invoicing, planning and data visualization.

The interface for Flexpay ensures a more efficient data flow between their Otys and Easyflex environments. Flexpay has chosen Otys as the leading system. The connection starts as soon as a Flexpay employee presses the “Send to ConnectYourFlex” button during an assignment in Otys. After pressing this button, the assignment and the associated flex worker and relation will be transferred to Easyflex by the Connector. In addition, flex workers, relations and placements that are already sent, will be updated in Easyflex if they are changed in Otys. The Connector will send changes made in Easyflex back to Otys so that there is no data difference between the 2 environments.

Sam Ritzler

Junior consultant at Solid Online

“The interface for Flexpay was the first project that I experienced from start to finish as a Junior consultant. Flexpay was a very nice party to work with, together we came to the best settings for the interface.”


Nicole Gelderman

Administrative Assistant at Flexpay

“Solid Online does not think in limitations but in solutions and possibilities!”

As a social employment agency, Flexpay thinks along with its talents. Flexpay’s mission is that participation is possible for everyone who can and wants to work. At the same time, Flexpay facilitates and relieves employers. This way, Flexpay supports talents with a disability and other job seekers by offering a workplace. Self-esteem, development, social contacts and (partial) financial independence are important issues for talents with a disability or distance from the labor market. Having a paid job stimulates this. Flexpay’s aim is to realize the transition to a direct employment relationship between employer and employee. Flexpay also ensures consistent payment of salary. This provides peace of mind, allowing talents to develop better and often move on to permanent employment with a client. The employee’s peace of mind translates into a lower absence rate due to illness and fewer dropouts. Additionally, talents feel they are taken seriously and have indicated that by having an employment contract they have a better focus on the home situation. Creating possibilities is much more effective than looking for the single right answer.

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