Data migration

Accurate data transfer to your new system

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Service & guidance

Service and guidance in the transition to a new, future-proof system

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A flawless data migration by prior analysis of the data to be migrated and a test migration

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A data migration project via Solid Online is completed within a few weeks on average

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Easy supply

Data can be extracted directly from your current system or delivered via an export, depending on the capabilities of the system

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Invest in growth!

All set to work in your new system

Thanks to the Connector interface platform, Solid knows what is needed to effectively unlock data from your current system and import it as smoothly as possible into your new system. Make the most of this advantage for your data migration!

Advantage through Connector

Partnerships & interfaces

Due to the close relationship with our partners, we have a broad knowledge of the packages in the Connector eco-system.
This knowledge and the migration standards we apply enable us to carry out quick and accurate data migrations.
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Solid Online Transfers your data to your new system

Is your company ready to switch to a new system, but you do not want to stop working while the data is being transferred? Solid Online takes care of it and guides you through the data migration.

Thanks to the Connector interface platform, Solid knows what it takes to effectively unlock data from your current system and import it into your new one as smoothly as possible. We maintain a close relationship with our software partners and know all the possibilities and impossibilities of the packages in the Connector eco-system. This also gives us regular access to entrances that remain closed to others.

The successful transition to your new system in 5 steps

Migrate data

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We define your wishes

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You will receive an offer based on the inventory

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Content research and dataset analysis

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Approval process based on the test results of the data analysis

Solid Online | Datamigratie | Data Migration

Data Migration

The data migration is carried out

Three choices to supply the data to be migrated

Options for data delivery

According to our guidelines


Use the Solid Online Migration Template. In this template you enter the data you wish to transfer. Solid Online will make sure that all data is transferred to the right place in the new system.

Do it yourself


Make an export of the data that needs to be transferred from one system to the other. Solid Online ensures that all data is entered in the right place in the new system.

We will retrieve your data


Solid Online retrieves the data directly from your API. This is preceded by a preparation process, an investment that quickly pays for itself and provides immediate benefits from the new system.

Options for executing data migration

Weekend, Freeze or Delta

Solid Online will gladly advise you on the best approach to transferring your production data with the least possible impact on your organization.

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You work during regular office days and we migrate your data in the weekend. This way you do not overwrite any data and you can continue in the new system after the weekend

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In the case of a data migration with a freeze period, no further changes can be made in the old system after the data has been exported

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A delta migration has 2 phases. After exporting the data in phase 1, you can continue working in the old system. In phase 2, these changes are also transferred

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