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The following systems are linked to the Connector’s eco-system. Solid knows what it takes to effectively exchange data between these packages. We are continuously expanding our eco-system. Contact us for more information.

Fast and flexible connection
between systems

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The Connector links all your systems

Most companies use different software packages. Front office systems, like an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for the recruitment process, a planner and a time registration package. In addition, a back office to pay the wages and usually also a financial system.

However, each software package has its own format, which means that the systems are usually not compatible with each other. In that case, data must be manually typed or transferred with Excel from one system to another. This is a time-consuming and error-prone method. However, it is essential that data is exchanged so that it remains current and correct throughout all systems. To solve this problem, companies often have their own interface built. This is a time-consuming and expensive solution and as soon as something changes in one of the packages, the interface is outdated and companies have to invest in software development again.

With the Solid Online Connector you integrate all your systems and manual actions are a thing of the past!

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Best of breed

All your different software packages fully automated on one platform.

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Synchronized data

The Connector keeps your data in every package up to date and correct, mistakes and discrepancies are a thing of the past.


The Connector is compatible with the message standards SETU, UBL, HR-XML and complies with the GDPR/AVG guidelines.

Software as a service

The Connector runs in the Netherlands on the Microsoft Azure cloud and can be integrated with SingleSignOn.

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Innovation through integration

Save time and costs with the Connector

No more retyping data or building expensive interfaces. The Connector puts an end to large investments in IT customisation and high project costs.

How does the Connector work?

Flexible interface platform

The Connector forms an intermediate layer and enables software packages to understand each other. Your information flows seamlessly to hirers, suppliers and your internal applications. And, if desired, back again. The communication between the systems is set up and the translation is arranged for you in our Mapping module. This ensures that data is immediately forwarded for further processing.

Solid Online takes care of the maintenance on the interface. The link will therefore automatically remain up-to-date when there are changes within a software package. Your interface is now scalable and future-proof.

Linking your system to other applications has never been easier!

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Implementing the Connector in 5 steps


When you choose the Connector, our project managers and consultants will guide you through the implementation process. A short implementation time is achieved because Solid’s consultants will set up the interface for you.

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The Project Manager defines the approach and planning with you

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The consultant sets up the Connector according to your requirements

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Demo & testing

The consultant will go through the processes with you

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Going live

After your approval, the Connector goes live in your environment

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Issues after going live are resolved immediately

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