Connector between OTYS and 2 TimeChimp environments for Noël Franklin

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Noël Franklin, a Belgian specialist in recruitment and selection, has opted for the Solid Online Connector to exchange data on placements, employers, contacts, and candidates between OTYS and TimeChimp. Virtually all the necessary information for a new assignment is transferred through the integration from OTYS to TimeChimp and vice versa. This way, the Connector has significantly reduced manual work for Noël Franklin.

With TimeChimp’s time registration tool, you manage time tracking, leave and overtime management, project management, and much more. This way, you always have control over your organization.

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OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation possibilities the Recruiting Technology platform is a very attractive option. 

How does the integration between OTYS and TimeChimp work for Noël Franklin?
From OTYS, data on placements, employers, contacts, and candidates are retrieved using webhooks. The user in OTYS is responsible for providing the data to the integration using two special action buttons added to OTYS. Solid Online offers the option to expand the number of linked subsidiaries. Noël Franklin has 2 subsidiaries, therefore the data is transferred from OTYS to two different TimeChimp environments accordingly. Data on modified placements, contacts, and candidates are retrieved from both TimeChimp environments and transferred to OTYS.

Thanks to the Connector integration, data from OTYS no longer needs to be manually transferred to TimeChimp. Virtually all the necessary information for a new assignment is seamlessly transferred to the correct TimeChimp environment through the integration. Only a few manual (verification) actions are required to finalize the project in TimeChimp. Once completed, everything is ready, and the candidate can start recording hours on the project they are assigned to. The candidate can also make changes in TimeChimp, which are then reflected back to OTYS.

Jaco Hogewoning | Solid Online

Jaco Hogewoning

Solid Online

"It was a very pleasant collaboration with Lara from Noël Franklin. Together we have implemented a great solution!"

Lara Schollier | Noel Franklin

Louise Vansteenbrugge

HR Payroll Consultant
Nöel Franklin

"The integration makes my job easier; I can save about 5 minutes per candidate with it!"

Noël Franklin specializes in recruitment and selection. The company focuses on precision and quality, aiming for impactful long-term results rather than quick one-shots. Noël Franklin has specialized teams to represent the interests of their candidates and clients. The organization includes Franklin Engineering, Construction, Finance, IT, Office, Technics, and Executive Search teams. Each team consists of Franklins (i.e., recruiters working at Noël Franklin) with in-depth expertise in their respective fields.

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