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Charlie works is a European employment agency with a strong sense of team spirit. They help their clients by finding extra labor capacity and by suggesting improvements. In order to keep meeting the demand of their customers, Charlie works has switched to Mysolution at the beginning of this year. Solid Online has implemented an Hours Transformer application for Charlie works for the time processing. For a group of 25 Charlie works hirers this is now a completely automated process. First time right without any user interference. The hours realized from the Transformer flow directly into the payroll and invoicing engine of Mysolution.
Go live Januari 1st:
customer implementation progressed steadily and more hours were processed each month
At the base, the Solid Online Hours Transformer imports the required data from customers, candidates, and placements from Mysolution. On the other hand, the hirers send various hours and declaration file formats.

Then, the hours are grouped, checked, and enriched with the necessary Mysolution information in the Transformer. When the hours have gone through the entire workflow, the Transformer creates the required SETU timecard for Mysolution.

During the project, the consultants have translated the business requirements into the one-time set-up. Complex unraveling is also applied, such as converting clock times and applying the correct collective labor agreement rules.

Because the Transformer automatically processes the hour files of the customers and sends them to Mysolution, Charlie works no longer has to manually book or process the hours for these customers. Therefore, this facilitation in time processing immediately speeds up Charlie works’ remuneration. A true improvement for Charlie works, its customers and their temporary workers!

Even after this project, we will continue to improve together. In a next phase we will look at further optimizations, not only for time processing but also for self-billing processes.

The Solid Online Hours Transformer receives, imports and unravels the
hours of Charlie works customers and sends them to Mysolution

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Felicienne Minnaar | Solid Online

Félicienne Minnaar

Project manager
Solid Online

“We can look back on a particularly successful project. In a relatively short period of time with tight deadlines, a primary process has been optimized that not only ensures efficiency for Charlie works, but it also ensures scalability and flexibility for the current and future customers. We have worked closely with a working group at Charlie works. In a short time we have done a lot of work together and always managed to get everything done in good consultation. It has been a pleasure working with Charlie works and we look forward to expanding the partnership in the future.”

Caroline Witzier Charlie works

Caroline Witzier

Manager Business Support
Charlie works

"Solid really surprised us in the field of guidance and support. In addition to the fact that their tools absolutely add a lot of value, we have experienced the forward thinking in solutions and the fast action handling from Solid as very pleasant. Even if we sometimes did not know how or were unable to do it ourselves, Felicienne and Richard were there for us with an idea or solution.”

Don’t worry, be happy, we got you. This motto tells you what Charlie Works stands for: to make work a little easier and more fun for everyone. Charlie Works is convinced that having a job contributes to happiness. The employment agency is the connector that unburdens its clients by connecting motivated employees to them. Charlie Works helps clients with a flawless work process. They do this by offering extra labor capacity and proposing improvements. Furthermore, Charlie Works provides advice and permanent support to get the most out of the collaboration. Charlie Works is involved in different sectors, such as logistics, agriculture and food. They recruit employees from all over Europe from their offices located in the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, and they deploy in the Netherlands and in Poland. Charlie is personal, innovative, reliable, competent, flexible and fun. The employment agency has one goal in mind: to make finding work and employees easier.

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