Brainbridge Workforce Solutions takes a step in digital transformation with Data Migration to Bullhorn

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Brainbridge Workforce Solutions, one of the market leaders in providing innovative Workforce & IT solutions, has moved to a new ATS, Bullhorn. Together with  HRLinkIT, Solid Online realized the transition. HRlinkIT ensured the correct setup of the Bullhorn environment and Solid Online ensured a smooth Data Migration from the old ATS to Bullhorn.

Tens of thousands of records had to be migrated to realize the transition to Bullhorn. To ensure a smooth Data Migration, we started with an extensive preliminary phase in which Brainbridge’s wishes were mapped out. Based on this, a CSV export was prepared and a test migration was done, after which the data was transferred to Bullhorn via the API. Brainbridge has now been working successfully for several weeks in Bullhorn, where all data can be found in the right place.

Solid Online | Datamigratie
Solid Online | Martine Verhave

Martine Verhave

Product Expert
Solid Online

"Solid Online successfully migrated the data from Brainbridge's old ATS system to Bullhorn! Thanks to Arne van Balgoijen and Ellen Luckx for their efforts during the preparation and execution of the Data Migration. The data had to be combined from different export files to collect all relevant information for the migration. A precision job that went smoothly, partly due to a test migration. Charlotte Stagier of HRLinkIT, thanks for your efforts! As a Bullhorn implementation partner, HRLinkIt has gone through a nice process to align the Bullhorn design to the wishes of Brainbridge. Inquiries and comments were quickly picked up and dealt with. Another project to be proud of!"

Ellen Luckx | Brainbridge

Ellen Luckx

Recruitment Manager

“From the first contact with Sam and Marnix, our Account Managers, we experienced a very professional collaboration with Solid Online. In the first step, our wishes were mapped out very extensively. Subsequently, Martine successfully carried out our Data Migration. We would therefore like to thank her for the personal, transparent and fast approach to this project. We can look back on a pleasant collaboration with Solid Online, based on trust, consultation and quality!”

Brainbridge was founded in 1998 as a small independent company but with a great vision: “to be the market leader in providing innovative Workforce & IT solutions”. Brainbridge has since grown into a strong and reliable partner in the field of secondment of IT consultants, Vendor Management and Contract Management. The combined use of both permanent employees and freelancers is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Brainbridge allows organizations to flourish by offering solutions for these kinds of personnel challenges.

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