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The story and the people behind Solid Online

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Connecting and integrating

Solid Online links data from different sources. Integrating and connecting, that’s what it’s all about. Many large and medium-sized companies have preceded you.

Solid Online helps organizations to work more creative and smart and to provide the best possible service. We do this by streamlining data. We make processes scalable and optimize them. This makes repetitive work superfluous and prevents unnecessary mistakes. User-friendliness, security and stability are paramount. This way, we enable organizations to be more efficient and we help lay the foundation for growth.

A deal is a deal

We do what we promise. We do what we say and we say what we do. We will continue working until all is finished.


Thanks to our adjustable product, we don't need to re-develop for every interface. In this way we provide, in consultation with you, solutions which closely fit to your business processes.

Cost saving

Solid Online ensures that companies need less time for the same result.

Customer friendly

In order to provide our customers with the best service, our team members are proactive, socially skilled and enthusiastic. They support each other unconditionally.

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About Solid Online

Own development center

We are proud of our developers in India, who have been working with us since 2002. Equally proud of our relationship with them and happy how they have grown with us in our culture of coaching leadership, continuous improvement and focus on performance. An additional advantage is the time difference through which Solid Online can serve companies more efficiently.

Who are we?

The faces behind Solid Online

Solid Online is an international company with approximately 45 dedicated employees. We have an office in the Netherlands and one in India. We work together very closely to significantly improve the management of organizations. Solid Online connects and integrates your data by providing high quality, flexible software.

Pieter Hoekstra

Chief Executive Officer

Roos Schabracq

Chief Operating Officer

Afra Desmarets

Chief Process Officer

Richard Baas

Solution Architect

Martine Verhave

Product Expert

Bert Kamphuis

IT Architect

Kim Dolstra

Sales Support Consultant

Hendrina Vooijs

Head of Administration

Sangeeta van der Meer

Project Manager

Pieter-Bas Piscaer


Jaco Hogewoning


Thijmen Damhuis


Pia Rijsdijk


Kees-Jan Koster


Olga Milovanova

Junior Consultant

Taron Huijsman

Junior Consultant

Hortense Verhoeven

Junior Consultant

Marieke van Gasteren

Content & Communication

Larissa Boerenstam

Junior Content & Communication

Nandakumar Ranganathan

Director India

Ramasamy P


Muralidharan Subramanian


Abdul Rahuman Ragumathulla


Padmapriya Murali

Team Leader Finance

Govindaraj Subramani

Team Leader

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